Open access collection

The Reading Room:

♦ contains items available on-site only and has a necessary collection of books and periodicals in the following disciplines: humanities, social science, philosophy, religious studies, history, sociology, cultural studies, psychology and pedagogy;

♦ has a large collection of guides, encyclopaedias and dictionariesboth in Polish and other languages.

     » English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish;

     » Russian, Ukrainian and other Slavic languages;

     » Oriental languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean.

♦ provides access to all types of documents and information that are needed to study at the Faculty of Humanities;

♦ enables access to the Internet and other professional e- sources  (from 4 computer terminals).

In the Reading Room, you can find:

♦ an extensive collection of books arranged by subjects from almost all modern philologies,

♦ the selected collection of current periodicals and press (Polish and foreign).

Users should order the archival collection of journals in INTEGRA.


Take a note:

The Reading Room can be used by everyone who has left a library card to the librarian on duty.

Everyone is obligated to create a library account and to have a library card (such as a student/employee ID card,
a guest card).

An User who do not have an ID card to borrow books (a student/employee ID card) should apply for a guest card by filling in a User Registration Form.

A visitor card allows using an open-access collection  and other collections in the Reading Room.

A visitor card is free.

The Library provides a reprographic service for photocopying materials belonging to the Library (use “order a copy” in INTEGRA). See price list (a scan made from library materials (up to A3 format) – 0.6 PLN per 1 file);

There is a possibility to make photocopies outside the Library – time to complete photocopy – until we closed that day.

Please, remember:

♦ Silence is compulsory

♦ Please leave your outerwear, briefcases and large bags in the cloakroom

♦ It is also forbidden to eat and drink, as well as to use mobile phones.