Library services

The Library of Modern Languages in Sosnowiec offers the following services:

♦ access to all collections on the spot (in  the Reading Room) as well as through the lending library;

♦ professional acquisition, cataloguing and preservation of old and modern books (especially in the area of the humanities and social science) and selected foreign publications (connected with foreign language teaching); both Polish and foreign periodicals; electronic documents (e-books, e-journals); digital copies of library materials and other library documents (VHS, CD, DVD, audiobooks);

♦ providing elementary training for the readers on the use of the Library, bibliography and reference, especially for groups of university students;

♦ facilitating access to both domestic and foreign Internet sources of information, which are essential to studies as well as scholarly and research work;

♦ making available databases distributed in the University network (full-text articles, abstracts and bibliographic information).