How to join us

Online registration in a few steps:

First, fill in the form User registration

Fill in all the required fields, marked with a red colour.

Step 1, Library details

♦ In the field “Library department” choose  Wydział Humanistyczny

♦ In the field “Lending department” choose  OPAC Rejestracja

Step 2, Personal detail

♦ Fill in your Personal details (Forename, Surname, ID type, ID number):

♦ In the field” ID Type”, choose PESEL

♦ In the field “ID number”, write down your ID card number (Social Security Number)

The email address or phone number is recommended.

Step 3, Adress

♦ Fill in all the required fields – Street, Flat/ House number, City and Zip/ Post Code

♦ If You have the temporary address, fill in all the fields

Step 4, Password

♦ The User create a password by themself

♦ The password contains min. eight symbols

Please, repeat the password correctly.

Step 5, Summary. Please check all information about you and correct the mistakes.

Step 6, Verification Please, repeat the text from Captcha (in the picture).

You must agree to the term of use of the account. Say yes to “I declare that the regulations sharing collections in the library system Library is known to me and I accept it”.

After you fill in and send the form, the system will send You a message about your correct registration and identification number in the library system.

Please, remember to complete the online registration process.

Attention! A newly opened account will be blocked up to the moment of the personal authorization of data.

After sending the form, You have 14 days to visit the Lending Point with an appropriate document.

The staff and students of the University activate electronic employee/student ID card at the Lending Point as a library card.

The others will receive a card in the Reading Room (as Guests).